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III.  Culture before Strategy

Cultural humility is a strategic approach to humanity. We respect other peoples’ cultures by understanding and embracing our differences and similarities.

IV.  Stakeholders before Shareholders

Doing what we ought to do as opposed to what we want to do promote diversity and inclusion. Treating one another with dignity, compassion, respect, integrity, and mindfulness is the cornerstone for healthy living.

Think Human focuses on treating one another as we want to be treated by applying these four principles:

I.  People before Process

Maintaining a healthy relationship with one another is foundational in any spectrum of human interactions. Only when healthy relationships are established, can process follow.  

II.  Purpose before Profit

Define a purpose before pursuing profit. Profit follows when the definition of the purpose is articulated in detail.


Raveen Arora talks Think Human 

Raveen Arora, who was a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is an award-winning humanitarian, entrepreneur, mentor, and multi-faceted global leader. He is also a best-selling author and  a highly regarded keynote speaker, who fills several high-profile community roles while managing international business interests. In this short video, he talks about some of his experiences and beliefs, and looks at the current world situation and how Think Human could make a difference.   His personal philosophy can be summed up in his phrase, "I am human.  Nothing  human is alien to me." 

Think Human was founded by Raveen in 2016 as a movement  to humanize communications in the workplace, social settings, and relationships around the world.  Whether

in fast-paced, technology-driven societies or those more inwardly focused, there has been a rise in

discrimination, partisan rancor, and dangerous dictatorships that threaten human rights and stability.

We must learn to overcome these for a more productive and peaceful society for all.

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