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About Think Human 

Think Human was founded in 2016 by Raveen Arora as an movement  to humanize communications in the workplace, social settings, and relationships around the world.


Whether in fast-paced, technology-driven societies or those more inwardly-focused, there has been a rise in discrimination, partisan rancor, and dangerous dictatorships that threaten human rights all around the world.

We need to learn to overcome these obstacles for a more productive and peaceful society for all. The Think Human initiative focuses on treating one another as we want to be treated by applying these four principles:

  • People Before Process

  • Purpose Before Profit

  • Culture Before Strategy

  • Stakeholders Before Shareholders

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Nobel Peace Prize laureates all.  But before the prize, before the fame, they were leading change through their emphasis on education and how we treat one another. 

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Think Human 

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